Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Sun, it Burns....

A little longer in the sky each day.  Yes Spring is here. No this is not an April Fools joke.  I am typing a blog.  About what?  I have no idea.  Let's just take a ride and see where we end up.  We might get serious, we might not.. who knows until we get going. 

So I have not been keeping up to my word of writing blogs more often.  But I suppose a few every month, or every few months is better than years.  I'll be honest with myself though, I know this blog doesn't get a lot of reads.  I don't care though.  I enjoy writing them when I can. 

I was thinking the other day to get a little more social mediaed up.  What the hell do I mean by that you ask.  Well I think I want to do more with this here blog and my YouTube channel.  But I would kind of need a topic, area of concentration or some schtick!  Lets see...what do I like that I can talk about and do videos on.  I like my dog, scooters, music, guitars, movies, books.....I run (but I really hate running)....nonesense.  I think nonsense is the best topic.  Then I can keep on doing what ever floats my boat on any day.

Speaking of boats, I would like to get a kayak this summer.  Well two of them so Mrs. Meepers and I can take to the waterways of the NEPA.  I will have to make a kayak side car for Oliver though.  One can not take to the waterways of NEPA without one's dog.
 I suppose I will also need a smaller one for Mrs. Meepers kayak for Miss Belladonna Took
Who is that you ask, well let me introduce
you to her.

Meet Miss Belladonna Took, the newest member of the Meepers household.  She has been with us now for a few months.  Oliver still thinks she is a black twirl, but he is getting better....slowly. 
Back to the boats!  I think a little something like this might work well.  Should be easy to get these into production by the end of the week and launch the new Meepers Aquatics line. 

Time to take this to a whole new level!  OK, I guess I'll leave you all to chew on that for a while.  I must get this new sidecar kayak into the works ASAP!

That is all, carry on.

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