Friday, June 17, 2016

Things.... They Happen Every Day

So this blog has not had any consistency or format for some time now.'s been years sense this was a daily thing.  I really want to change that, but I can't seem to get into the groove.  I keep forgetting about it, or don't have a good idea.  So I need to revamp both my thinking and my topics here.

I would like to do some sort of exploring blog, and combine that with videos... but that takes time to go out and explore.  And as I say in the title, things, they happen every day.  One of those things for me is I have committed to run the TRC NYC Marathon on a charity team.  What does that mean, well it means a HUGE chunk of my time is being spent on training.  I have been running a lot and this year I have added swimming to my training.

In addition, I have been playing music with friends once a week for a while now.  MUSIC you say!  YES!  Indeed music, it's fun!  Am I any good you ask?  Heck no!  I'm not good, but it is still fun and I really enjoy doing it!

So why am I saying this to you... I am thinking I can use these two things to my advantage.  I am thinking I can track my training, and as I run further on back roads I can explore possible places to check out!  I have a few place I have seen over the years, and now I need to remember where they are at!

I would also like to add some music to the list.  I am thinking about ripping some of our songs from the PA system.  YES!  I will only post ones that fall on the OK side of the "how do they sound" scale. And as I crawl through the muck of YouTube, I am seeing more music that I am really liking.  I will try and share that here

ALSO!  A friend of mine is putting on the Be Kind Scranton event and asked me to give an inspirational message to her.  I know, I know.  Me be inspirational.  I'll admit at first I laughed thinking it was a joke.  But as I sit here typing, I think I can handle that.

That is all, carry on.

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