Monday, January 5, 2015


So I have been pretty busy as of late.  Both with work and with not work.  I keep telling myself, "Tomorrow I'll do a blog."  And as you can see tomorrow kept becoming tomorrow. Well tomorrow finally has come.  I have two things to share today.  One is a personal folly that occurred this past Saturday afternoon.  And one is something that will interest musician friends of mine.

I'll start with this Saturday.  It was a pretty good day.  Woke up at 4:30 a.m. cause I couldn't sleep.  So me and the new cat, Belladonna Took, hung out and watch some Netflix for a few hours.  She was quite rambunctious, as her and Oliver are still on the "getting to know each other" phase of their relationship.  So she hasn't been able to run free down stairs too much yet.  We hung out until about 10 a.m. when Amy and Oliver got up for the day.  Once the family was up and dressed, it was off to walk around the woods for a while in the snow.

Amy, Oliver and I all took off to Fransis Slocum State Park for an hour or two.  Two flakes fell as we got into the car, the road was covered and getting slick by time we were heading home.  So we made it back without incident.  Amy had some things to do, and I had my wall to work on.  So we set off on our projects.  I completed the back wall of my bar and she took down Christmas.  We put all the decorations in the basement and I took the tree upstairs.  This is where it all went wrong.

We purchased a tree bag due to out tree box being destroyed.  This was the first time I was putting the tree away in the new bag and it was a bit awkward.  The tree goes upstairs in out attic.  Our attic, like many others out there,  is all ceiling joists and plywood.  Well I got the tree up the pull down stairs and set it on the plywood.   I was walking on the ceiling joists to get to the other side of the plywood when I tripped.  The result was disastrous.  My left leg came through the ceiling directly above my bed.   

 This here is the hole I made up close and personal.  The view
from above when it happened was terrifying.  Here is a bit of the view I saw from above, but from Amy's point of view when she walked into the bedroom (And me after I came down stairs and was so confused as to what to do next).  I was so baffled and angry with the situation, I literally had no idea what to do.  I was standing there for a few minutes before my brain finally said go get some garbage bags and the shop vac.  BUT FIRST,  I carefully went back up stairs and and pulled the insulation back up.  The rest of the mess you see is the blown insulation that fell with me and the ceiling.

This was such a mess.  It took for ever to clean up.  I had to go outside and dump the shop vac out because it was too full.  I also picked up some surprises.  A cork from a wine bottle blocked up the hose.  As well as several bits of wood that seemed to be randomly tossed into the ceiling before the blown insulation was shot in.  It took me over an hour to clean the room, and I found more insulation under the bed this morning.  This is not taking into account the time it took to shake out and wash all the sheets on the bed.  It was two or three loads of laundry.  Amy started that while I was cleaning up.

Once all this was done, I put up a piece of scrap 1/2" ply wood so there wasn't a terrible draft coming down from the attic.  It looks sloppy, but so was my footing!  It is doing the job for now, and I am getting it fixed tonight.  It really pays to have good friends, and friends who have husbands that are contractors! 

Now for the other thing.  I have been viewing these two chaps on YouTube for some time now.  And I find myself watching more and more videos ever day while on lunch.  They are supper entertaining, and I get to learn about guitar gear and also get free lessons!   Who are these two chaps you ask?  Well that would be Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton.  Rob is a musician and owner of Chapman Guitars in the UK and Lee Anderton is the owner of Anderton's Music.  You guessed it, also in the UK.  Rob does a ton of videos.

Here is but a sample of their combined awesome entertainment abilities: 
They both have their own channels, but when they team up to do The Captain and Chappers video's, they are so damn entertaining!  Please check them out. 

And here is a picture of Oliver, because why not.  He is awesome and deserves to be put in the blog every chance I can get.  

That is all, carry on. 

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